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Retr0n is a Discord Bot for keeping your guild secure, safe, and to keep you and your team satisfied. With revolutionary moderation, logging, and web dashboard features, Retr0n will be the only bot your guild will need!

  • An advanced and beautiful dashboard to manage your guild anywhere on the web
  • The most simple, beautiful, and effective logging systems found on Discord
  • Economy and Fun systems to keep your guild users having a good time
  • Beautiful moderation to keep the bad guys out of your guild
  • Including many other features, such as Retr0n’s sleek design and simplistic commands anyone can use without even thinking!


AppBot is a Discord bot for the AppValley official Discord server! AppBot controlled the entire server's moderation, logging, and more! Now-a-days, its used for supporting users and getting them quick and easy responses!

  • Written in DML
  • Used to call answers to FAQ about AppValley


Discord Markup Language is a simple, yet powerful markup language to help interact with the DiscordApp API with ease, and to help beginning developers create dynamic and extensive first-time bots for their servers!

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